Pink Petals

Open for taking orders:

Mon-Friday 10-4 pm


Mon-Friday scheduled between 3:30-6:30pm

*some Saturday deliveries

Closed major holidays


Delivery Service

  • Chestermere $10

  • Langdon $15

  • SW/NW Calgary $25

  • SE/NE Calgary $20

  • Must have a minimum order of $60 for a delivery


Contact Wired Floral Design

We are an "In Studio" business based out of a residential property.  Pickups and deliveries only.  Not a retail store.


Chestermere AB Canada T1X1P1

403-620-7497 *Follow our Facebook page!

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Taking Care of Flowers

Here are a few tips for keeping your flowers looking fresh and beautiful. Make sure all the flower stems are submerged in water. After a couple of days take the stems out and give them a fresh cut and add fresh water to the vase.Take off any leaves that would reach the water and any wilting leaves or stems right away. And remember, most flowers last longer in mild temperatures, so don’t place on windowsills in direct sunlight, or right in front of your fireplace.
If you have an arrangement that has floral foam at the bottom please be sure to water the base everyday.  For more tips and information, get in touch with us directly.